You need to hear that song!

Often times, people will tell me about new and great music. Often times, I will try to recommend music I like to others.

One thing I noticed, though: It doesn’t stick.

A band or musician I discover myself is far more likely to become a regular on my iPod and Spotify playlist. Music that somebody (a real person, not a recommendation-algorithm) shows me will most likely not be listened to by me.

The human mind is a funny thing.

Setting minimum width only for non-media-query browsers

If you want to set a minumum width for browsers that don’t support media queries, like IE8, you just have to set a minimum width to the body, and remove that in a media query, like this:

body {

@media screen and (min-width: 1px) {
body {

The min-width will get removed only for modern browsers.

(EDIT: Of course you can use Modernizr if you have more than one or two things to adjust. For this certain project I only needed a fixed width)


It’s amazing how you get better at stuff when you practise it. Of course it’s common sense, but I’m always surprised that it works again and again. My fear is always, that it’s temporary; or that I’m just lucky that time.

I noticed that I get better at stuff exclusively by doing it 95% of the time and reading and watching videos about it. More reading never helps.

I am thankful for

not needing glasses. Many colleagues and friends of mine depend on some kind of vision aid. It’s one more thing you have to think about, take care of and invest your time and money in.

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