Antonio Radovcic


It’s amazing how you get better at stuff when you practise it. Of course it’s common sense, but I’m always surprised that it works again and again. My fear is always, that it’s temporary; or that I’m just lucky that time.

I noticed that I get better at stuff exclusively by doing it 95% of the time and reading and watching videos about it. More reading never helps.

I am thankful for

not needing glasses. Many colleagues and friends of mine depend on some kind of vision aid. It’s one more thing you have to think about, take care of and invest your time and money in.

Design Conferences in November

It seems like it’s going to a conference–rich November!

The first one will be the Webfontday on 10th November. I went there last year and it was insightful. I thought I knew typography–nerds before that, but I had no idea. The topics went from fonts for iOS–apps to hinting for really small sizes. Really looking forward to this year.

The second one is beyondtellerrand on 19th and 20th November. This will be my first time in Düsseldorf. So far I only heard great stuff about last year’s event. (UPDATE: Won’t be able to attend that one.)

Only three days later, the push.conference will open its gates in the BMW–Welt in my hometown Munich on 23rd November.

See you there!

A day at the wildlife–zoo

It’s great to get away from all your screens from time to time. Today me and my s.o. went to a wildlife–zoo near Munich.

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