Johnny Ive puts an end to skeumorphism

As you can tell from this website, I am a big fan of textures, ornaments and shadows.


If you believe the rumors, Jony Ive is planning to put an end to skeumorphism.

When touch-based devices first came out, metaphors from the »real« world helped users to understand the functions and purpose of apps and interfaces. I think we all know now how a music player works and that it is time to ditch the tape-recorder.

Users don’t like change that much, so the transition will happen subtly and gradually (they could just remove the textures and keep the colors for starters), not all at once like Microsoft did with the Metro UI.



Self portrait day

Yesterday was self-portrait day. (Take a look at the thread)

I once did a hundred of them. One each day for 3 1/2 months. That was around 2007 when I bought my first Wacom tablet. Threads like these always make me wonder whether I stopped drawing and painting because I stopped liking and enjoying it, or because I never really enjoyed it in the first place.

It doesn’t matter anymore, but I’d really like to know.

Anyways, I got inspired and drew myself one more time. Here’s the result (click to embiggen):

(Here’s my last self portrait from two years ago)

Sitting on the fence

Currently I’m sitting on the fence between design and development. In Germany we say »sitting between chairs«.

The great thing about this is: I get to do both. I get to sit on two chairs. I can do design and I can do development, which I both like.

The disadvantage is: I’m not getting really good at neither one of them. I can do a little programming, but I would never consider myself a programmer. I can do design, but I also don’t think I’m getting better at it.

I feel like I can do the easy work and have to give the real stuff to the »real« programmers and designers.

The way out of this is obvious: Focus on one thing.

If only I knew which one to choose.

You need to hear that song!

Often times, people will tell me about new and great music. Often times, I will try to recommend music I like to others.

One thing I noticed, though: It doesn’t stick.

A band or musician I discover myself is far more likely to become a regular on my iPod and Spotify playlist. Music that somebody (a real person, not a recommendation-algorithm) shows me will most likely not be listened to by me.

The human mind is a funny thing.

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